Broken Garage Door Springs

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Did you currently notice that the door of your garage isn’t working properly? Perhaps, the sinner could be none other than the garage door springs. If you are like those people who do not pay heed to their garage door springs, this oversight may be pretty unfair. 

There is nothing on the garage door that is more crucial to opening and closing the door. Hence, the garage door opener deserves some kind of attention.

Types of Garage Door Springs

There are two distinct types of springs to use on the garage doors. One is the torsion spring, and the other is the extension spring. Your garage door may have any of these types of springs.

Torsion Spring

Torsion Springs are typically attached directly above the closed door. Sometimes, it is used in the older homes having less room inside the garage to mount it to the garage rear, known as Rear Mounted Torsion. After they get installed appropriately, the torsion springs manage to make a balance on the door. Consequently, it can take equal pressure for opening and closing. Plus, an excellent balanced garage door can easily lift as the balanced springs will effectively stop on the sections.

Extension Spring

Mostly, extension springs are used to attach above the upper tracks of the garage door on both sides. Often they may be found attached on each side at the vertical axis. The extension spring manipulates the pulling force to pull the door upward against gravity.

What to Do When The Springs Go Out Of Balance?

The best way to know if you have a well-functioning spring is by its smooth and noiseless opening and closing of the garage door. If the spring stops working efficiently to make the balance, it could be dangerous. You may try operating manually, but if it continues to offer a troublesome operation, it is most likely that the springs are not in balance. In such a case, you can be sure that you cannot DIY to fix the problem yourself.

Remember, going wrong to fix it can possibly result in other unfortunate broken parts. If you have Torsion springs installed on your garage door, it could be most dangerous. Nevertheless, the extension springs are also dangerous, especially when they get extended as they hold a potential deadly force. Always remember that these garage door springs operate to lift a bulky 400-pound door. We recommend you contact a professional as soon as possible. If you require garage door springs replacement or installation services in Los Angeles, we are at your service.

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