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A garage door is one of the most crucial elements of a property. It is hard to find a house these days without a garage with fascinating doors to protect the vehicles. However, a commercial garage door is a whole different ballgame. Commercial building properties, public parking garages, car showrooms, and distribution outlets have commercial garage doors. These doors are more extensive than personal garage doors and are entitled to greater protective responsibilities. 

Therefore, maintaining and repairing a commercial garage door is way more hectic and can break a lot of sweat. If you reside somewhere in Los Angeles, CA, and looking for repair solutions for your commercial garage door, Garage Door AM is your go-to place. We provide seamless repair services to your commercial garage doors. Watch out.

Issues With Commercial Garage Doors

Commercial garage doors are meant to protect high-volume and high-quantity products in terms of cars and car supplies. They usually locate in commercial buildings, brand showrooms, and public garages, where there are a large number of vehicles present. 

The primary issue with commercial garage doors is that they get damaged faster. The damage happens because these doors are used for the whole day and exposed to rough environments more than a residential garage door. Hence, they deposit rusts, or the edges break faster. Apart from that, there are other issues with commercial garage doors. 

Motor Dysfunctions 

The majority of the commercial garage doors run automatically through electric motors that help the cables to operate. Motor dysfunction is a common phenomenon for overhead doors. Excessive use of these motors can damage the internal parts, and they die a faster death. A quick motor replacement is an easy solution for such issues.

Damaged Rollers 

Generally, a commercial garage door has more operating rollers than a residential garage door as the former is larger. Whether it’s nylon rollers or steel rollers, they have a working span after which they will wear out. With years of accumulating dirt, mud, debris, and rust, these commercial garage door rollers die eventually and need maintenance, repair, or replacement.

Track Misalignment 

There are sturdy metal tracks through which the garage doors of commercial properties slide to open and close. The track has to be adequately maintained to run the door smoothly. However, with years of use, these metal tracks get damaged or misplaced. Hence, your commercial garage door also fails to work properly.

Repair Your Commercial Garage Door With Us

Garage Door AM is your one-stop solution for damaged commercial garage doors. We are a garage door installation and repair service providing company based in Los Angeles, CA. We provide repair and replacement solutions to both residential and commercial garage doors. Our efficient team of repair service providers understands the needs of your commercial garage doors and offers the best quality materials to ensure safety and longevity. 

Why Choose Garage Door AM

We provide commercial garage door repair solutions in and around Los Angeles, CA. We care about our clients, and we provide custom solutions based on client’s needs and choices. Our expert associates will help you decide which material and design to choose and why. With experiences of working on some of the prime commercial garage door repair projects around LA, we boast about our unique quality and designs.



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