Garage Door Cable Drums

Repair And Replace Your Damaged Garage Door Cable Drums

An easy-to-use garage door is not always easy to repair. There are parts, which need special attention and professional assistance to restore the function. One of them is garage door cable drums intended to lift the heavy overhead systems. Hire our garage door specialists in Los Angeles to repair and replace your cable drums.

Integrated with wheels, garage door drums wind the cables to lift the heavy door. You feel effortless while operating the door. The cables have a connection to your garage door springs. Your door parts work together to raise the door very easily.

However, in due course, your garage door drums build up dust and dirt. That is why you can choose our professional team to inspect these drums periodically. Our inspection, maintenance, and repair will make these cable drums long-lasting. We will clean your drums to remove the dirt. Our garage door drum repair service is available at a reasonable rate.

Signs your garage door drums need replacement

Are your garage door drums noisy and shaky? You must replace them without any delay. You may also check out other deterioration signs, like broken drum parts, chipping, and warped parts.
Hire our team to replace these damaged drums with a new one. These faulty drums will affect other parts of your door.
Which garage door drums do you need to be replaced?

Your garage door drums are of two types:

– Torque Force 400-144 drums

– Torque Force 400-96 drums

As we are certified professionals, we can identify the right type of drums needed for your garage doors. We have a stock of high-quality garage door cable drums in Los Angeles. Thus, replacement of these parts has become easy for us.

In most cases, residential garage doors need Torque Force 400-96 cable drums, and their weight is about 265 pounds. The thickness of the cables needs to be 1/8-inch. Heavier doors for commercial purposes need Torque Force 400-144 drums with a weight of about 375 lbs. They deal with heavier cables for proper functioning.

The best-quality garage door drums are capable of sustaining doors with a height up to 12 feet. Let us inspect your garage door cable drums and other adjacent parts. We can deal with every type of garage door with our skills and knowledge. Rely on Garage Door AM to find the best solution to your problem.

Never try out DIY garage door drums repairs

As drums have a connection to cables integrated with the highly tensed springs, it is not your job. Springs and cables can cause injuries, and that’s why you must not deal with them without special skills. We know the right technique to work on your complicated garage door problems. Our team will respond to your call without any delay.

At Garage Door AM, we serve several clients in and around Los Angeles. When you are looking for a local garage door repairer for your needs, you can rely on us. Our trained technicians will inspect the components of your garage door and provide the right solution.


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