Garage Door Cable Repair

Repair Your Garage Door Cables- Hire Professional Technicians

Are you familiar with your garage door components and their functions? But, do not think that you can repair them easily with your DIY tools. Garage door cables are one of the important components that need repair and replacement without any delay.

Due to the availability of different garage door designs, cables are of varying types. At Garage Door AM, we have learned the way of dealing with the damaged doors. When you find your garage door malfunctioning, you may call our team to get the desired solution in Los Angeles. Our trained technicians will inspect your door cables and make the replacement.

How do you identify problems in your garage door cables?

You need much effort to open the door- In some cases, the motor and springs remain intact. Still, you cannot open the door smoothly. The problem occurs due to the broken lifting cable and damaged spring. You can hire us to repair the door cables.

A wire is hanging loose – You can notice this issue on your door. The parts of the lifting cable have snapped. The frayed cables can result in major problems. Let us replace them using our special tool. You will get back normal functioning of the door.

Save your garage door cables from damages

You do not like your garage door cables from getting damaged. That’s why you can hire us to maintain your door cables. By scheduling regular maintenance, you can keep away from the frequent replacement of your garage door cables. We visually inspect your garage door cables to ensure that they are not frayed. We try to find the signs of wear and tear of your garage door cables.

Garage door cables slipped off the drums? Find the reasons

Our garage door service providers in Los Angeles have identified several causes of this problem.

  • Failure of the auto-reverse feature– It is one of the safety features found in modern doors. The improper functioning of the auto-reverse system can cause the door to collide with your car. We will check this system to find the solution.

  • Springs not adjusted– In most garage doors, there is more than one spring. While the level of tension on the spring is very high and low, you will notice an uneven operation of the doors.

  • Broken and damaged springs– There is one torsion spring in old doors. When the spring on the door has snapped the drum and begun its rotation, the cables cannot gain tension.

  • Mismatched drums and cables – You may have hired unqualified persons to deal with your garage doors. Rely on our team to find the most appropriate cables. We know the guidelines to install drums and springs.

  • Installation of the wrong door springs– Springs should also be compatible with your garage doors. Mismatched springs can cause your door to work inconsistently.

  • Blocked tracks– Dirt can block your garage door tracks and shorten their life.

Your garage door issues may be for several other reasons.
At Garage Door AM, our technicians will work for you.


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