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Do you know that a garage door closes and opens at least 1500 times every year? The frequency can be higher in the case of commercial garage doors. It’s the right time to pay attention to the garage door. When you find any issue with your garage door, you can call us. At Garage Door AM, Our team will visit your spot and give you the ultimate solution. Our trained technicians have served lots of clients by repairing their garage door springs, remotes, automatic openers, hinges, and several other parts. The makes and models of your garage doors are not a factor to our professionals. We have the skills to work on any complicated garage door in Long Beach.

Check out the list of some common garage door services in Long Beach:

Broken and damaged garage door springs

Garage door springs endure a high level of tension, as they have to lighten the load of your garage door. While there are problems in opening and closing these doors, you may need to replace the springs. It is tricky and risky to replace your door springs with your manual effort. Your garage doors have two types of springs, and the more complicated one is the torsion. We will identify the type of spring that has problems. Then, our technicians will take the right step to solve them.

Malfunctioning garage door cables

One of the important parts of a garage door is torsion cables. While they get broken, they will result in inconvenience and cause damage. Our professionals think that torsion cable replacement is the safest option. We will replace the frayed and rusty cables with our skills.

Garage door sprockets replacement

The drive sprocket integrated with openers lasts for 7 to 15 years based on your usage and maintenance. Then, you need to replace the sprockets when the chain becomes loose. We have worked on sprockets of different types and replaced them successfully.

Garage door servicing

Some garage owners do not know that their doors need serving to ensure lasting performance. There is a risk of getting your vehicles stuck in your garage without the maintenance of the door. Hire our team to inspect your garage doors every few months. We will test every component to prevent potential issues.

Garage door installation

Replace your old doors and install the new ones. We can be the best partner to help you. Some of our clients like to update their old garage doors to get a new and innovative one. Our team is pleased to help them in installing the new models.

From roller doors to conventional – style sectional doors, we can deal with any model for your needs. Our professionals will select premium quality, branded doors. However, before selecting the custom garage door in Long Beach, we will consult you. We tailor our garage door services to your needs.


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