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A garage door opener works for pulling and pushing the trolley up and down. Hence, the garage door opener of your property needs regular maintenance in order to upgrade safety and smooth operation. In fact, this considerably huge and heavy moving tool requires periodic inspection and maintenance.
Yes, your garage door opener deserves attention, and this you can give by hiring a garage door opener technician. The experienced technician works efficiently to prevent any mishap.

Why Need Maintenance?

There are basically two types of garage door springs. One is the torsion spring and extension spring. The torsion spring usually remains attached upon the header of the closed-door, whereas the extension spring remains fastened to the top roller track on each side.
Periodic thorough testing of the springs, roller, and cables along with other hardware of your garage door opener is necessary. When kept without proper maintenance, your garage door opener will show signs of damage and breakage of parts.

Although you would like to take a chance and do it yourself, it can be dangerous. Do-It-Yourself tasks come in handy only when there is a need for a minor repair. However, we would still recommend you avoid damaging the door or raising safety issues without proper knowledge.
Remember, the garage door opener remains under high tension and may cause undue injury if dealt with improperly. An experienced and skilled technician of garage door services must only monitor and handle such complicated tasks.

With proper maintenance by our technicians, you can protect your friends and family from the potential threat. A frequent garage door opener maintenance service from professionals will only ensure the safe and quiet operation of your garage door. So, if anytime you face any sort of problems, come to us as we can offer great garage door services at your doorstep promptly.

When We Need Maintenance Service?

The most common signs indicating that you need a tune-up for your garage door opener are here.

– Your garage door does not reverse readily
– Your garage door opener is lifting but does not close the door
– Due to worn out opener, you may see it operating but fails to openly
– Produces noise while operating
– Operates with resistance

If you see any of such signs, prevent walking or moving when the door is in motion. Also, do not allow children to play “beat the door” kind of games and immediately contact us.

Why Must You Contact Us?

We at Garage Door Am work offer excellent garage door services in Los Angeles. When you hire a professional garage door service technician from us, our team delivers thorough testing. From checking the balance of the garage door to the resistance level, we monitor all to offer needful maintenance services.

Monthly or periodic testing and maintenance of your garage door opener can help you prevent the occurrence of severe wounds and property damages. The careless operation of your garage door can call for dangerous situations.


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