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Garage door parts – Are they repairable?

Your garage doors are undoubtedly the most important parts to secure your property. Still, some homeowners do not pay much attention to their garage doors. Modern garage doors have innovative systems and complicated components. How will you deal with those components when you do not know them?

At Garage Door AM, we are a team of professionals to repair and replace your garage door parts. However, we like to educate our clients about garage doors while providing them with essential services.

Our certified professionals can repair and replace different garage door parts. Our mission is to ensure the seamless and smooth functioning of your garage doors.


Springs helps in controlling the functions of your garage doors. Single damage to your door springs will cause several problems. Your doors can open automatically and fall down. That is why we think replacement is the safest option for old garage door springs. By replacing torsion springs, we can make your door’s movement easier. We also calibrate them regularly for maintenance.

Garage door openers

The opener is one of the important parts affecting your door mechanism. It starts its work after receiving signals from the remote and the switch. It has a motor to turn out the energy needed to restore the mechanism.

We can work on both manual and automatic garage door openers.


Hinges in proper condition help in rolling up your doors without any issues. While your hinges have problems, we will replace them with a high-quality one. The best hinges have a rust-resistant coating on them.

Drums and tubes

Drums are pulley wheels fitted to one part of the tube shaft. The tube refers to a bar above the garage door to hold your torsion springs. Due to these tubes, the springs maintain their normal functions.

While the springs release energy, it results in the rotation of drums. As the drums link the cables, the rotation enables the door cables to move.

Thus, every part is connected with each other. Without deep and sound knowledge, you cannot repair your garage door parts. Our garage door service providers in Los Angeles will be your right companion.

Safety sensors

Large, heavy garage doors can cause safety risks while you have not maintained them properly. For this reason, garage doors have safety sensors to prevent accidents. There are two sensors on each side. One of these sensors projects light rays into the lens of another sensor. Until the beam has no issue, your door will function properly.

Weather seals

Your garage door plays a role in protecting your car from insects, snow, and rain. While it cannot ensure protection, its mechanism is infective. Our team will check the door’s weather seals to solve the problem. It may not be easy to detect the problem of your weather seals. However, our knowledge enables us to accomplish the task easily.

Do you like to know about your garage door parts and their condition? You can hire us to maintain and repair those parts.


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