Garage Door Styles

Upgrade Your Garage Door Styles With Trend and Safety

Earlier, garage doors were all about keeping your car safe and secured. But, nowadays, the aesthetic feature of your garage door is equally important with its security and safety. You want a garage door that complements your house visually because a wrong choice can spoil the overall look of your house. Here comes the need to tap into the garage door styles.


However, if you’re located in Los Angeles, CA and looking for stylish garage door solutions, you have Garage Door AM, right at your service. We provide you with some of the best elegant garage door styles available in the market. Here, we’ll talk about stylish garage doors that speak of trends and safety at the same time.


Different Styles of Garage Doors

Although there are various types of garage doors available in the market, we will discuss the four most popular garage door styles.


Traditional-Styled Doors

These garage doors easily complement any well-recognized architectural style houses. You can place specialized and customized orders for traditional garage doors in various colors and materials. Thus, your garage door will add an aesthetic value to your house regardless of the architectural style.


Contemporary Slab Doors

These doors beautifully complement modern architectural house designs. Usually, a contemporary house has all the upscale features, so naturally, the garage door should fit the overall style. These doors consist of features like tempered glass panels.


Raised Panel Doors

Raised panel doors are the standard styles adopted by numerous residential households in LA. Whenever people think of garage doors, this design usually pops up in their minds. Earlier, raised panel designs consisted of floating panels, but modern versions have solid door panels.


Carriage Doors

These doors replicate the architectural designs of a traditional carriage house. But, don’t worry, that doesn’t make you old and backdated. In fact, these garage houses easily fit many contemporary house designs. You need to manually open a traditional carriage door, but modern ones come equipped with automatic openers.

The Services That We Provide

We are Garage Door AM, a garage door installation and repair service provider based in Los Angeles, CA. We thrive as a trusted and insured service company that provides personalized solutions to your garage door requirements. Here are the services that we provide.


Security Gate Repair

If your security gate is not working correctly, we are here to help you out. Our services include security gate repair, so feel free to get in touch with us to get a quick and effective solution.

Garage Door Repair

Is your garage door creating troubles while operating? Well, look no further; we’re at your service. Our urgent repair service is also available 24*7.

New Door Installation

If you’re planning to replace your old garage door with a new one, we are here to make your work hassle-free. You choose your style, and our experts and professionals will provide you with the best solutions.

Why Us?

If you reside around Los Angeles and facing issues regarding garage doors, we are at your service. Our professional service providers will ensure that you get the best industry materials and service quality in the market. Therefore, contact us through phone, to get an instant solution to your garage door issues. Our urgent garage door repair services are available 24*7.


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