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Install High-Speed Garage Doors With Garage Door AM

In today’s technologically advanced generation, who would spend five minutes to pull a garage door? No one, for that matter! With faster technology, people nowadays look for garage doors that operate faster. Hence, comes the need for high-speed garage doors. As fancy as it sounds, such doors are way more efficient than our good old garage doors. 

However, these high-speed garage doors are a thing for commercial buildings like public parking garages, car manufacturing outlets, and office buildings because these are the places where the garage doors have to bear excessive usage.

If you own a business and want to have a commercial high-speed garage door somewhere in Los Angeles, fret no more.

Garage Door AM is here to help you with your high-speed garage door installation. Read on.

What Are High-Speed Garage Doors

Before moving on ahead, let’s understand what a high-speed garage door is. These are highly functional garage doors that operate faster and come with greater safety features. These doors are generally power-operated and are either horizontal slides or overhead vertical doors. With dust control features and high-quality manufacturing materials, these doors occupy the commercial garage door market massively.

Features of A High-Speed Garage Door

A high-speed garage door is a classy affair and reflects upon the upscale urban lifestyle. Many corporate buildings with high-end cars parked in the parking lot use high-speed garage doors to bear excessive usage throughout the day. So, what are the features of a high-speed garage door? Let’s see here.

  • – High-speed garage doors operate with electricity.
  • – The manufacturing materials vary from metal, glass, rubber, steel, etc.
  • – The door can bear with more than 100 cycles per day.
  • – Both sliding and overhead rolling designs are available.

Why Need A High-Speed Garage Door

If your requirement is merely residential, then we recommend you settle for a regular garage door. But if you have a business that requires quicker opening and closing of the garage door, you must choose a high-speed garage door. There are a few reasons to choose it. Let’s see here.


A high-speed garage door is more efficient than an average one. With high-quality material and technology, these doors come with greater longevity. Hence, you don’t have to invest in repairing or HVAC maintenance of the door frequently.

Less Manual Effort

These garage doors are mostly electrically operated. They generally use motors to run the cables. Hence, your manual effort reduces to quite an extent. Many high-speed garage doors come with human sensors to ensure accelerated performance. 

Energy Efficient 

High-speed garage doors provide premium quality sealing and locking systems. So, the air passage is hardly possible here. Besides, the quick opening and closing feature prohibit the vehicle from generating heat on the interior side and allow the space to breathe and cool down.

High-Speed Garage Door Solutions With Us

Garage Door AM is a premium quality garage door repair and installation solution based in Los Angeles, CA. We provide custom solutions to your business-related garage door requirements by installing high-speed garage doors at your commercial garage. Our team of expert service providers chooses the best quality materials that blend both style and safety. However, we also offer garage door repair and replacement services.

The Bottom Line

If you base your commercial property in LA, watch out for garage door solutions with high-speed garage doors by us.


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