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Perhaps, there is no second part of our house that undergoes wear and tear like the garage door. We use the garage door multiple times, and if we keep it in good working condition, it gives us more convenience. However, an overlooked garage door can result in a noisy operation and pose a serious safety concern for your family.


Do you know your garage needs a properly insulated door? Yes, even if you spend little time in the garage, a properly insulated door will ensure to protect your vehicles, tools and other stored belongings from temperature and weather damage. Besides, how can we neglect its benefits of energy efficiency?


Types Of Garage Doors


With the demand for a variety of styles, the market is offering different types of garage doors to meet their needs. You may also have any of these garage doors installed in your house. Besides, you can make all these doors insulated.


  • Overhead Door

Overhead garage doors or sectional doors come with the design of lifting them to the ceiling on the tracks with the help of rollers. There the door remains either vertically or in a parallel position to the top.


  • Roll-up Doors

Roll-up Sheet doors are commonly seen in small warehouses. It has slats built with a steel roll that attaches to form a metal sheet and is directed up and down by the roll-formed leads. People prefer using this mainly because it helps save space and offers security to the contents inside the garage room.


  • Fire-rated Doors

Fire-rated doors are often used as commercial garage doors to maintain the safety of flammable materials. This type of door helps to prevent the spreading of fire through a unique facility. They appear as roll-up doors but come with the ability to resist fire.


  • High-speed Garage Doors

High-speed garage doors make a statement with their faster operation of opening and closing. This type of door can save the cost of heating and cooling facilities.


Need of Insulated Doors


If your garage door has insulation just like your home, it will help in saving energy costs. Again, not every house has a garage with a heater vent installation. Garage door insulation can come to the rescue.


Remember, if you have poor garage door insulation, the weather and temperature change may damage your stuff inside. So, what door you choose to have, a properly insulated garage door is a must.


Services offered


We at Garage Door Am carry a complete line of insulated garage doors in many materials. You can check out our website and learn more about our work, varieties and services. We offer garage door services in Los Angeles. From repairs to installation, we take all the concerns about garage door services of our clients on us.


Why Us?


We install and provide repair services for garage door insulation to provide you with extreme thermal efficiency and lower the air infiltration and temperature fluctuations of the garage room.


We have our team of experienced and highly skilled professional technicians to look after your work. Also, we offer quick emergency services as well, and that makes our list of happy customers longer.


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